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Biomass Boilers / Renewables

Working with established biomass boiler suppliers we are rapidly becoming experts in this arena. As heating engineers, with a range of experience, we are able to offer you impartial advice about biomass systems and the commercial and domestic Government renewable heat incentives (rhi) and the renewable heat premium payment scheme (RHPP). We are MCS accredited for BIOMASS and members of RECC, a sign of our committment to the standards set down within the consumer code.

Having fully researched the market we have complete confidence in the Commercial Systems we supply and install.
We work in partnership with 2 boiler distributors and the product ranges allow customers access to both wood pellet and wood chip systems in a wide range of sizes.
Both systems are Austrian engineered by family run Companies with a long history of product development. Parts availability guarantees and warranties are in place.

For information on HARGASSNER BOILERS:
(Hargassner currently have in place a £300 cash back offer - please call us for further information).

For information on FROLING BOILERS:


This easy to use spreadsheet allows you to input the installed cost of a biomass boiler system and shows your potential/estimated RHI payments from the commercial scheme, fuel savings and the payback from the investment. The figures are expressed in both annual terms and as a total for the 20 year duration of the scheme. You can also amend the APR to factor in the cost of borrowing at different levels:

Download RHI Calculator

For domestic installations we use Klover boilers, engineered in Italy these systems have an excellent reputation and provide excellent value for money. The range includes in room pellet boilers, stove/cooker systems and utility boilers. Prices start at around £3, 500 (excluding VAT at 5%). All domestic biomass installations now benefit from an initial payment of £2000 towards the cost of the installation.
For full product range, please see:

An initial visit can be booked by calling the office on: 01745 335130 or emailing
Our engineers will visit your property and give you an overview of the system – if you wish to proceed a detailed survey will be completed and from here a detailed estimate and details of your projected RHI payments and grants available will be produced.

Photos of recent biomass boiler installations can be found on our 'Gallery' page.